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Despite growing up in Boulder, I'd never seen an owl in town until Halloween of 2005 when Tam and I were waiting outside the Fox Theatre to see My Morning Jacket. An owl was chillin' across the street, probably above Albums on the Hill. We figured he might have tickets to the show, because they'd just released the album Z with this lovely cover:
[owls within owls]
The next time I saw an owl in Boulder was, IIRC, a little after midnight on November 2nd. I was standing on top of the parking garage after the annual DeVotchKa Halloween show and an owl was hangin' out atop the new condo at 15th and Pearl. Maybe he'd just seen the show, too.

This year, I didn't go to any Halloween concerts. With my troubles eating lately, three hours spent expending calories by dancing and not eating anything has seemed like a risky proposition. But early this evening, as Kelly and I were raking leaves out of the ditch in front of our house, we heard an owl hoot. We looked up to the mostly bare tree across the street and saw the telltale silhouette of an owl perched on the highest branch. Maybe he missed seeing me at the show and wanted to check in on me.

Thanks, owl. It's been a rough year, but I'm hanging in there. I'll make it to next year's show.
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Halloween is Burning Man for normal people.
  • Families put significant effort and money into decorating their home theme camp.
  • People get dressed up in sexy, creative, and unusual costumes.
  • They wander around town checking out theme camps, meeting strangers, and participating in the candy gift economy.
  • Raging parties happen on weeknights.
  • Some folks eat more stimulants and drink more booze than they should.
  • It's a spiritual experience for some, an artistic outlet for others, and a bunch just treat it as a visually stimulating excuse to party.
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Image:MMJZ.jpgI lived in Boulder for 24 years and never saw an owl in town.

On October 31st, 2005, Tam and I saw My Morning Jacket at the Fox Theatre in Boulder. While waiting for the doors to open, we looked across the street and saw an owl on top of a building. The band was touring for their new album Z which features owls on the cover. They had a few stuffed owls on stage, too.

This year, DeVotchKa played at the Boulder Theater on Halloween and Day of the Dead. I wanted to go to the former, but tickets were sold out, so I went tonight. After the show, I stood outside the parking garage for a minute to enjoy the warm night air. Suddenly, an owl swooped down and landed on top of the building across the street. It sat for a minute or two before flying away.

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