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This Saturday and Sunday. 1925 Orchard Ave, Boulder, CO 80304. 10 am to 4 pm. (Yeah, we're late risers. If you like to yard sale shop early in the morning, have your circuit end at our house. There'll be a lot to look through.)

This yard sale is, in fact, once in a lifetime. The Stone family has lived in this house since 1980 and have never had a yard sale. We've inherited several old ladies worth of stuff and not had a yard sale. But we've realized that paying $200 a month for a storage unit is not a good way to deal with things you don't use, so we're getting rid of incredible amounts of incredible stuff at low prices!

What kind of stuff?
  • Books! Kids books, literature, art books, puzzle books, science books, child development books. 50 cents to a dollar for most. If you like to read to yourself or your kids, definitely stop by. We're a very bookish family.
  • CDs for $1. VHS movies for 25 cents. Vinyl records for 25 cents to a dollar.
  • Art (drawings and paintings by my brother, who's got a degree in painting) and art supplies
  • Instruments (cornet: $10, trumpet: $20, a guitar in need of repair: $1)
  • Clothes (mostly for women in the 5' to 5'6" zone, including some old stuff that could be steampunkified; $3-$10)
  • Furniture (desk, chairs, lamps, etc.; very cheap)
  • Antique objects
  • Old Apple computers (G4 tower, LC II, Apple ][ C)
  • Toys and sports equipment. 1960s era skis!

Who knows what else? There are a bunch of boxes we haven't used in a long time…

Craigslist posting here
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December 25th:
1 PM: I call parents. They say they're "just getting going."
5:30 PM: I arrive at parents house. They're just about to put the turkey in the oven.
6 PM: Dad fills the nut trays, makes guacamole, and gets out some chips. We snack and socialize.
8 PM: I finish wrapping presents.
10:15 PM: Turkey is done, dinner begins.

December 26th:
12:10 AM: Pie consumption and dinner conversation ends. Head to living room to watch previously discussed cartoons.
1 AM: Mom finishes assembling bags of food (in lieu of objects) and wrapping a couple presents.
1:45 AM: Baby boomers finish unwrapping presents which I amusingly addressed in yellow highlighter on newspaper.
2:30 AM: Everyone goes to bed.
11 AM: I wake up and check email. Reflect positively on the decision to take Boxing Day off work.
1 PM: Breakfast begins. (Blueberry pancakes, pickled herring, sliced ham.)

Last week my mom left a long rambling message about how she didn't know what to get me for Christmas because I'll be putting all my stuff in storage in a few months anyway and I've got the books I need... So I told her she could give me tasty things I can eat before I head south this spring. Amusingly, we each gave each other a pomegranate. I gave her three varieties of ginger candy from Pacific Ocean Market. I delayed wrapping presents so I could read as much of The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat before I gave it to my mom. I also spent several hours reading Our Dumb World before I gave it to my dad.


Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 11:29 pm
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I really dislike the euphemism "adult" for "sexual."

When I hear a phrase like "adult activities," I think of things like doing taxes and shopping for bathroom fixtures at Home Depot. "Adult entertainment" brings to mind midwestern grayhairs watching Lawrence Welk. "Adult material" could mean paper from old trees bound in leather from old cows.

Part of the problem is that a lot of mainstream porn strikes me as adolescent in style. My image of adult relationships is one of caring for a partner who's had a rough day, going for a romantic walk and reminiscing about youthful exploits, and so on. Depictions of such acts aren't very good for selling magazines, low budget films, and monthly website subscriptions. What I call "adolescent sexuality" is very genital focused, high in kinetic energy, and with a sense of the forbidden. "Girls Gone Wild" brings to mind copious alcohol in red plastic cups and a bunch of sorority girls ready to hump anything that moves. "Women Gone Wild" brings to mind a retreat in the woods with middle-aged women excited to hear guest speaker Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

I don't mean to imply that adult relationships lack sex. On the contrary, intercourse is something 35-year-olds, in general do, but 5-year-olds, in general, don't. But sex isn't the only thing that distinguishes children from adults and it certainly doesn't distinguish between 17-year-olds and 27-year-olds.

"Adult" and "mature" are often used synonymously. If your boss says "We're having an adult conversation," it's not an invitation to share the kinky exploits of your weekend with the conference call. It's a reminder that name calling, whining, and sulking don't have a place in a business meeting and that coworkers are expected to behave maturely with each other. Yet "M for Mature" video games like Grand Theft Auto feature hours upon hours of immature actions like stealing cars and killing hookers. The Seventh Seal is a movie with mature themes. Barely Legal Teens 37 is not.

Further confounding the terminology is the word "family" (which is taken to imply children are present). "Family-friendly content" is saccharine Disney films where a one-frame erection beneath a robe gets people riled up about indecency. But while adult doesn't imply sex (monks, nuns, etc.), it's an odd family (implying children) that doesn't start with sex.

Taboo subjects oft beget linguistic acrobatics. America may have no greater taboo than sex and no end of euphemisms with two backs.


Thursday, August 16th, 2007 05:36 pm
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Yesterday was apparently the day for departures. [livejournal.com profile] mollybzz moved to China (and I received several tasty items from her refrigerator and larder). It was the last day of work for my coworker who claimed he didn't know the name of the company he was switching to (and apparently their product is too complicated to explain). And I took a few hours out of the middle of the day to attend my great uncle's memorial service at Fort Logan military cemetery.

I'm very excited for [livejournal.com profile] mollybzz and I look forward to hearing her fantastic stories of life in the Middle Kingdom. I'm somewhat glad that my coworker departed; while he was a hard worker and often entertaining, I've wanted to strangle him over several bits of code. And I'm glad that my great uncle was able to live and geek out (genre: model trains and planes) for close to 90 years without the decade-long slide into oblivion that my grandmother experienced.

I learned today via Slashdot that another dear friend has departed. ClarisWorks (renamed AppleWorks late in life) made creating documents easy and relatively frustration-free. Unlike the bloated MicrosoftWorks that didn't, ClarisWorks was small (throughout college I would download 2.5 MB worth of AppleWorks to print my homework), seamlessly integrated (put text in a picture! put a picture in a spreadsheet! put a spreadsheet with a picture in text!), and free of hassles (when prompted for a license code, you could enter anything and it would accept it). One of ClarisWorks's creators has an insightful history of the product. It's got some interesting insights into the software development and business cycle.

I played around a little with the demo version of iWork last year, but iDid't see an easy way to do the thing iUse AppleWorks for most frequently these days: laying out a bunch of small bits of text and pictures on a piece of paper. Maybe iShould take a look at iWork '08. Maybe I should look around for other WYSIWYG document software. I should definitely make sure I open all my high school and college essays and ensure they're stored in a format that will live on.

It's important to let good things come to an end. I'll miss them all, but I won't be sad. For such is the Way.
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Since I'm flying to Utah today my parents and I celebrated Mothra's Day yesterday. I helped my mom set up a web page for her workshops in Wales in June: Peruvian
Shamanism< and Celtic Traditions - Teachings in Wales, 2006
. I helped her set up a GMail account so she can get email in Europe without wading through the cruft she gets on a daily basis.

I then got my dad a GMail account. He's accepted the fact that he's out of the loop without one -- even folks at KGNU have stopped calling to let him know what's going on. That done, he quipped "Now I'm ready for the '90s!"

He's also noticed this year that his Yellow Pages add is generating no business, presumably because everyone just searches the web. Fergus Sound Enterprises is now on the web -- FergusSound.com. Be sure to remember that if anyone emails you looking for recording studios in Boulder, Colorado. (Give the internet a day or two to notice the domain, though.)

For those who would prefer an organization chart, check out Trevor and the Family Stone.
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