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flwyd: (Trevor glowing grad macky auditorium)

From the Mind of Trevor Stone

… blogging like it's the mid-naughties

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Created on 2017-01-08 21:24:23 (#2740657), last updated 2019-03-03 (2 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Sep 26, 1979
Location:Boulder, Colorado, United States of America
I'm a statistical outlier, a free thinker, an independent variable.

I was born in Boulder, Colorado and have lived within 35 miles of the Flatirons my whole life.

I started using computers in the mid-1980s. I've been on the Internet since 1993. I have received a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science in 2003, with a minor in philosophy. I've made a living as a software engineer since 2004.

I am a polyatheist: I believe in the nonexistence of many gods. I love myth, legend, and lore. I appreciate the many ways human cultures have evolved practice and ritual and I enjoy creating new ones.

My brain gets stimulated by geography and cartography, language and orthography, visualization and photography, science and technology. My body gets stimulated by music and dance, hiking and travel, sunlight and hot springs, wholesome food and good brews.

I'm known for wearing weird hats, knowing obscure facts, analyzing deep problems, and expressing myself fearlessly.

I use Dreamwidth (and LiveJournal) because I have a long attention span and appreciate thoughtful writing. My posts tend to be verbose and infrequent, though I try to share something at least once a month. I write about myself and about the world in roughly equal measure; all posts are public. You're welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section, even if they're wildly different than mine. If I engage you in discussion, the focus will be on your ideas, not your character.

I like meeting new people. If you're in Colorado or our paths are otherwise likely to cross, I'd be happy to connect in person. On the Internet, you can find me on LiveJournal, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn, OkCupid, GitHub, or my website. I've never been a Facebook user: I disagree with the company's approach to product development and I dislike the culture that's evolved on the site.

Interests (193):

7th sea, absurdism, adaptation, apricity, archives, arguments, artificial intelligence, asian food, authenticity, autoimmune disease, beer, bees, boulder, breasts, browser tabs, burning man, cartography, cascading style sheets, cat and girl, cats, challenging strongly-held beliefs, change, chinese, chinese philosophy, cinema, civil society, cleverness, climate change, cognitive science, collectible card games, collective wisdom, colorado, community, computer science, computer security, conundrums, crossing boundaries, cuddling, dancing like no one is watching, death, debate, decentralization, defying categorization, denver, deserts, distributed systems, documentaries, don quixote, dry leaves, economics, ecosystems, english, ethnic music, ethnic religion evolution, evolutionary psychology, existentialism, exquisite corpse, fantasy games, feng shui, film, film noir, flwydity, folklore, foreign film, formal systems, free culture, free software, functional programming, funk, game theory, geeks, genus allium, geography, go, google, grateful dead, heuristics, history, holistic system, hot springs, html, humanity, humor, immunity, improvisation, independence, interdependence, internet, inventing obscure interests, irony, irrationality, java, javascript, kgnu, koyaanisqatsi, l5r, laziness, left brain, legends, lexemes, linux, low-tech solutions, lucid drumming, macos, maps, massive mp3 collections, mathnet, mead, metaphor, middle-earth, mind opening, monty python, myth, mythology, national geographic, natural language, new vista high school, nonverbal ritual, nudism, nutrition, old school livejournal, open source software, orthography, over the edge, paganism, pedantry, perl, philosophy, photography, phylum arthropoda, pie, polyatheism, programming, progressive politics, psychedelic experience, psychedelic music, psychology, public health, punctuation, puns, python, quotes, radio, reading strangers' journals, right brain, ritual, role playing, role playing games, ruby, saturn and its moons, science fact, science fiction, scripts, self-reference, shakespeare, software engineering, spam, spanish, spontaneous organization, states of consciousness, subverting the dominant paradigm, surrealism, swashbuckling, taoism, tau beta pi, text, theory, traditional music, transparency, uluru, unicode, unicycling, university of colorado, unix, user interfaces, vim, voluptuous women, water, weakness of will, web comics, weird hats, white elephants, whole grains, wikipedia, wit, wordplay, xenophilia, xeric, yang, yin, zen, zymurgy, 石

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