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From an email from a recruiter:
… is an excellent company to work for and offers a kick back work environment in which employees can bring their dog to work …
The choice of words is questionable; I think of kick back work environments as, say, customs inspector in Russia or contracts supervisor in Chicago.

This is, however, the second unsolicited recruiter contact I've had in the last couple weeks. So if you're looking for a tech job, make sure your resume is online and up-to-date. At least in this neck of the woods, people are hiring.
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Having closed my web browser with all the distracting tabs, I randomly decided to check my potententialspam folder. After I tossed out everything with the words viagra, pfizer, sale, or watch, I found several recent important messages hiding in the haystack. Examining the headers, I discovered that 3.2 (of a required 5) points were given for FH_DATE_PAST_20XX: The date is grossly in the future. I remember all the hubbub about Y2K bugs, but I'd never heard of a Y2.01K bug. Fortunately, sudo sa-update && sudo /etc/init.d/spamassassin restart did the trick... at least for another ten years. Apparently being a lazy sysadmin of your own server has its downsides…

Important upshot: If you've sent me email and wondered why I haven't responded, let me know! Send me another email, leave a comment here, ping trevorstone (a) gmail.com, etc.
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In case you need to email me while doing a handstand: ᵷɹo.əuoʇƨɹoʌəɹʇ@əuoʇƨʇ
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From: Head of IT
To: All Employees
Date: This Morning
Subject: Automated signatures

Tomorrow morning we will be rolling out automated signatures.


If you have a signature already in place, please remove it. First thing
tomorrow morning, please send yourself a test message and verify that
all of the contact information is correct. If it is not, please advise
either Mark, Mike, or myself so we may fix the issue.


A sample signature is at the bottom of this email.




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I'm half tempted to click on all the "Please verify you're not a spammer by clicking here" links I just got with forged addresses at my domain. "Your anti-unsolicited-email program is contributing to the problem of unsolicited email. I'll make it work worse so you switch to something that doesn't fight potted meat with potted meat."

I also really don't care when people in Switzerland will be back in the office. But I suspect they didn't want to learn where to buy a good watch, either.
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Background: My company's email server runs MS Exchange. They won't turn on IMAP support, so the ways to access one's email are MS Outlook, Webmail, and programs written to read the (undocumented?) webmail format. As far as I can tell, Evolution is the only mail user agent which runs on Linux and can access (through a plugin) MS Exchange. Evolution's theme animal is the primate: its old logo had a monkey, it was originally called Ximian Evolution, some of its background processes are named bonobo, and so forth. Though not my favorite mail user interface, Evolution works reasonably well. The evolution-exchange plugin, on the other hand, has gone through several revisions of bugginess. A year or two ago it had a tendency to crash Evolution at random, but these days the main bug is the moderately annoying habit of re-downloading mail I've already seen when I launch Evolution. I've got to give the developers credit for creating something that's at least usable given the unsupported environment in which they're working, but all things being equal I'd rather not have this setup for my mail.

This morning, I came in a little after 8:30 and stepped through my new mail. One item in my inbox was spam, so I hit the Junk button in Evolution and moved on. A few hours later, I got an instant message that a coworker had sent me an email with a stack trace. I heard my "new mail" beep, but the message didn't show up in my inbox. I asked him to resend and the same thing happened. I looked at my inbox via webmail and saw the messages, but Evolution still had no clue, even after a restart.

After a morning of not getting email, I dug around in the files Evolution stores. I could see my new mail in the file on disk, but I couldn't see it in the application. I deleted the index, the metadata file, the summary. No help. Since Evolution was clearly copying data from Exchange to files on disk, I started investigating other clients I could use to read and send mail, planning to leave Evolution as a mail delivery agent. While Sylpheed and its offspring Claws looked promising, they seem to require the internal use the MH storage format and I didn't want to add an MBox to MH step to an already somewhat fragile mail setup. I installed Thunderbird and started setup for a mailspool account. But then the Thunderbird GUI seemed to hang while loading my spool (which only contains 147 cron messages), so I figured I'd give Evolution one more try.

I looked back in my Inbox mbox file and noticed that the junk mail I'd received this morning was still there. "Hmm... maybe Evolution just flags spam, but doesn't move it." I took a gander in my Junk folder and sure enough, there was all the email I received today. Select, mark as "not junk," and my mail was magically back to its correct place. I have no idea why everything got auto-filed as junk. Maybe there's a sticky flag bug. Maybe its small sample size made it think something like "From" was a spam word and everything with "From" in it should be marked junk. Regardless, I turned off junk mail scanning and sighed about a wasted afternoon.

The lesson for today: An infinite number of monkeys will eventually misplace your email.

P.S. I think I saw that the Exchange protocol will soon be (more?) open. I hope that will quickly lead to quality plugins for a great many email programs so that Evolution can fight for natural selection with more than the null set.
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