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To celebrate the government declaring a holiday for Washington and Lincoln, you should come to my house on Monday afternoon and play some games!

As usual, things get started some time after 2pm and go until everyone goes home. So even if you have to work, stop by in the evening!
Bring snacks, drinks, games, friends, jokes about famous political figures...

I live at 4245 Martin Dr, Boulder CO 80305. You can call me at 303-EEL-WANG. I'll be driving up from Denver, so if I haven't arrived at my house by the time you do, hang out. If the door's unlocked, make yourself comfortable. (But knock so you don't surprise my roommate.)

See you Monday!
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The third Sunday of the month continues its high correlation with games at my house. On this particular Sunday, we'll be celebrating Zooko's birthday (to some approximation), but since he's a carbless consumer, I doubt there will be cake.

Sunday, May 15th, 2pmish until late-ish
4245 Martin Dr, Boulder, CO 80305

Bring snacks, bring drinks, bring games, bring your friends and family. We might play a game you've never seen before; we might continue iterating on my new game Set-Up... or we might play Dominion all day. Who knows?

I look forward to seeing you!

Play Games This Sunday

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 11:03 pm
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It's about time for another mid-month games gathering at my house. We had a lot of fun last month iterating on designs for Set-Up, a game with hidden goals using Set cards.

As usual, things start around 2pm on Sunday (the 17th) and go through the evening. Snacks are welcome, regardless of their position in the food pyramid. Children, friends, and new games are also welcome. My house is at 4245 Martin Dr. and my phone number is 303-EEL-WANG.
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It's been beard-freezingly cold this week, so how better to spend Sunday than in my living room playing games like Puerto Rico, Dschamál, Mancala, the 3-in-1 board game with Hawaiian lava rocks, and Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Sunday, January 16th
As usual:
2ish PM until late-ish PM (bonus: Martin Luther King holiday the next day, so I can sleep in)
4245 Martin Dr
Boulder, CO 80305

Feel free to bring games, snacks, beverages, and children. Please leave snowy shoes near the door.

Be seeing you!
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I usually host mid-month games on the 3rd weekend of the month, but I'll be spending the evening of the 18th at a fabulous music and contra dance party: The 25th Annual Winter Solabration -- http://wsolstice.org/

So as an early Winter holiday present (or a late one if you're Jewish or only celebrate Thanksgiving), come play games at my house this Sunday from 2-ish until evening-ish.

My house is at 4245 Martin Drive in Boulder. If you need spatiotemporal assistance, my phone number is 303-EEL-WANG.

Feel free to bring a snack, a game, both, or neither. In the holiday spirit, I'll note that I'm not fond of socially mandated gift exchanges so you should never feel you are obliged to give me a gift. In exchange, I won't foist on you additional clutter for your house. Your company and presence are presents enough.

See you soon or happy holidays, whichever applies.


Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 10:32 pm
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The Season of Gluttony is getting underway, so why not eat some snacks and play a bunch of games in a nice warm house? Zooko's first-weekend gathering was canceled this month and I won't be able to make next month's, so if you've been looking to make a clever ploy against a guy in a big beard, this is your chance!

Sunday, November 21st
2ish PM to semi-latish PM (it's also the Season of Sloth)
4245 Martin Dr., Boulder, CO 80305

Feel free to bring food or drinks to share. I've got a variety of games ranging from Dominion to Boggle to Hungry Hungry Hippos, but feel free to bring a game you'd like to play.

If you get lost or need to tell your parents how to reach you, call 303-EEL-WANG.

Happy gaming and snacking!
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The busy weekend adventures of summertime have subsided and it's time to mark the early sunsets and surprise cold wind with a day of games and nifty people.

4245 Martin Dr, Boulder, CO 80305
Saturday, October 16th
2ish until late-ish

Bring a fun game if you don't think I have it. Bring something to eat or drink if you'd like. There's no homebrew in the ping pong room for reals this time.
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Last month's mid-month game day was a hit, so let's try another.

Saturday, February 20th
2pm until ?
Boulder, CO 80303

I've got plenty of board games, card games, tile games, word games... plus there's whatever games you want to bring! Feel free to bring a snack, though you're not obliged to.

The house is in Martin Acres, and Google Maps gives good directions here. Contact me if you'd like my address and phone number.

If you can't make it, I hope to see you at some other game gathering soon!

Games! Sunday!

Thursday, September 25th, 2008 09:33 pm
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(If you didn't get the following message by email, I probably don't have your address handy. If you would like to receive such messages by email, email me at trevorstone dot org.)

Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick!)

In honor of (a) my birthday and (b) not having anything better to do, I'm hosting a game day at my place in western Lakewood! Card games! Board games! Word games! Mah-jong games! Tea from China! Exclamation points!

The details (extra points if you spot a devil)!
* Show up between noonish and whenever! If most people have left by evening time, I might head out to drum so call if you would show up after, say, 7.

* Get thyself to 857 S. Van Gordon Ct. #C-204, Lakewood, CO 80228. If you use the Internet to get directions, pretend the address is 657, otherwise you'll end up two blocks away. I live in the Ponderosa Ridge complex behind the Vitamin Cottage at Alameda and Xenon. Take 6th Ave to Union, south to Alameda, west/south to Xenon, left and through the parking lot. Building C is near the back of the parking lot and I'm on the side of building opposite the parking lot, near the fence.

* If you get lost, call 303-980-5148!

* If you have a game you'd like to play or a snack you'd like to share, bring it! If not, just bring yourself! Also feel free to bring friends, neighbors, significant others, imaginary elves, and shoulder angels/devils!

* I may make this a weekly gig for the next month or so. If you can't make it this time but would be interested in future game days, let me know! If you don't opt in, there's a decent chance I won't bother you about it again. If you aren't interested in playing games but would like to hang out sometime, this is an invitation to say so.

Other places you can wish me "Happy Birthday" in person this weekend:
* Friday night card games at Witches Brew coffee shop in Denver (sixish to midnightish)
* Saturday night drum circle near Frederick: (see the announcement for directions) (sevenish to midnightish)
* Sometime Saturday somewhere in Boulder (afternoonish to eveningish)

I'm not a fan of socially mandated gift giving, so don't feel you need to bring me a present. In return, I won't clutter your house with stuff you don't need. If you have something you don't need and say "OMG! Trevor should totally have this!" then I might take it off your hands. If you feel compelled to spend money in honor of arbitrary calendar dates, use it to make a donation to a quality nonprofit like KGNU, KVCU, ACLU, or EFF; they probably need it more than I do.

Be seeing you!

Denver Needs Cameras

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 04:38 pm
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Democracy in Progress: Keep Out
(Democracy in Progress: Keep Out. The Pepsi Center, where important Democratic business shall take place, is fenced off with security personnel harassing people who take pictures from public sidewalks.)

I'm taking this week off work so I can photograph (and possibly participate in) demonstrations and other interesting activities around the Democratic National Convention in downtown Denver this week. My first update priority will be my Flickr page, but I'll try to make a daily LiveJournal post as well. Flickr will be a "best of" collection, but I'll upload everything in full resolution to my gallery as well and sort it out later.

Creative Commons License All photographs I take around the DNC will be free for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA). If you use the pictures, I'd appreciate a note about where and how.
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Got plans this Sunday? No? Great! Come to my place to play card/board games and eat potluck. Bring some food and a game if you want.

I live behind the Vitamin Cottage at Alameda and Xenon in Lakewood (Green Mountain). Email me if you need blow-by-blow directions.

Happy exploding!
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Hey Denver/Boulder folks:

Colorado School of Mines E-Days fireworks are at 9 PM on Thursday. These are probably the best fireworks in the state all year, surpassing any 4th of July or sporting event display. Some of the best explosions are usually close to the ground on the Mines football field, but if you want to avoid the crowd of drunk engineering students you'll have a good vantage point from one of the parks at the west end of 10th St. Lookout Mountain probably has a pretty good view too, though I can't vouch for it.

Directions, but don't try to park on campus. (There should be plenty of parking around 12th/13th and Washington/Jackson).

My E-Days fireworks pictures from a few years ago. Pardon the fact that several need to be rotated or deleted.
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Reminder: Winter Solabration is this Saturday from six until midnight or so.

Highlands Masonic Center
3550 N. Federal Boulevard in Denver

I'll be there. Possibly with bells on. Probably not with belles on, though.
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Rhythms of Nature - Sunday, October 7th - Denver Botanic Gardens
Adult admission to the Gardens will be $5.28, modeled after 5280's Denver Restaurant Week. The goal is to create a fun and inspirational day through the enjoyment of various cultures' music and other forms of entertainment. Musicians and dance groups will be spread throughout the Gardens, but they'll converge for the grand finale: an inspirational drumming circle comprised of all entertainers, as well as the general public, that will ultimately create one rhythmic sound. So bring a drum or drum substitute and take part in the inspirational rhythm of culture!
I think I need a drumming icon. Edit: Can Has.

More Upcoming Events

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 11:34 pm
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Meadowfest, September 7th through 9th. A weekend of drumming, dancing, ritual, potlucks, and cool people. Sára, the organizer of the event, led the main ritual at Dragonfest this year and is a generally fun and interesting person. I got the flier for the event from one of my favorite "see 'em every year at 'fest" folks, so I know at least two awesome people will be there besides me.

Speaking of drumming and dancing, both will be in abundance on Saturday at Bob's "Erie" (I-25 and CO-52 is actually actually closer to Frederick) drum circle. Let me know if you'd like directions or more information. Edit: The official announcement email. I broke my little toe last night. Maybe I'll focus more on drumming than dancing this week.

Also speaking of drumming, every Tuesday at Full Moon Books at 7:30. The last few I've made it to have been rockin'.

On my birthday (Wednesday, September 26th), The Chemical Brothers are playing at the Fillmore in Denver. The Sunday prior, Days of the New will play at the Bluebird for only $13.

Beyond that, I'm trying to spend as many weekends as I can in the mountains before it gets too cold for camping and too snowy for hiking. Let me know if a hot springs trip, camping excursion, or short hike appeals to you.
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Ukulele Loki's Folderol Follies and The Gadabout Orchestra will be at the Fox Theater in Boulder on Monday the 27th. Tickets are ten bucks. The show this spring was some of the most fun I've had in a long time... and that was even before scantily-dressed women started climbing things. If you're in the Denver area and want to carpool, let me know.

You can also check out Ukulele Loki on Myspazz.
Concert poster
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The Winter Solabration is this Saturday at the Highland Masonic Lodge (35th and Federal in Denver). Music! Dancing! Dessert! Tradition!

I'll be there, but not with bells on. I'll leave that to the morris dancers.

Also, consensus seems to be that Drumming Up The Sun will be on the 22nd (next Friday) at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Enjoy the dark while it lasts! The sun's forces are amassing at the gates of Moranon January.
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The web site has just been updated for the The 21st Annual Winter Solabration. New for this year -- you can now order tickets on-line at the Swallow Hill Music Asssociation -- our co-sponser for this year's event.

Please join us on December 16th from 6:00 p.m. to midnight at the Highlands Masonic Center, 3550 N. Federal Blvd. in Denver. This Yuletime celebration features a mummer's play, and sword and Morris dance performances, along with community singing, wassail, and traditional American contra dances for all.

We'll also have a performance by Moisey's Highland Dance Company, storytelling by Susan Marie Frontczak, and juggling by Cirque du Awesome.

Advance tickets are $20 through December 10th, and $26 thereafter. Teens are $16. Children 6 to 12 are welcome and the cost is $6. Tickets may be purchased in Boulder from H.B. Woodsongs, 2920 Pearl St., and in Denver from the Denver Folklore Center, at 1893 S. Pearl, and the Swallow Hill Music Association, 71 E. Yale Ave. in Denver. Tickets will also be available at various local dance events. For advance tickets by mail, call 303 777-1003 (MC/Visa). For more information, visit our web site at www.wsolstice.org, or call 303 571-9112.

Hope to see you there. Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested in a great holiday dance/party/event.


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[livejournal.com profile] tamheals and I are thinking of going to the Renaissance Faire this weekend. Anyone want to come?
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