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I'm in a few shots of this video of a "spontaneous" conga line this past Sunday on the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder.
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Some things I've done in the past month or so which don't involve work or sitting around the house alone:
  • Hiked around on Lookout Mountain with Thuy.
  • Helped Thuy move.
  • Realized it was my half birthday and I should see a show. Found out Explosions in the Sky was playing at the Ogden.
  • Got started with Thor's GURPS game.
  • Made a character and played a game or two at Keith's.
  • Watched E-Days fireworks at Mines.
  • First Saturday drumming at Witches Brew.
  • Ate vegan (seitan) pizza and hiked from one side of Green Mountain to the other with Zaydie.
  • Played in the first game of a 4th Edition series with Keith and others.
  • Ran the geometry table for Mitchell Elementary's math and science night.
  • Took a day off work to attend the Conference on World Affairs in Boulder. Will write up my notes in a separate post.
  • Chose the wrong parking lot in Boulder, resulting in a Denver Boot, the loss of $65 dollars, and the waste of half an hour while two people failed to unlock the boot.
  • Played games with Thor and his cats.
  • Second Sunday drumming at David and Nanette's.
  • Monday drumming at the Buffalo Rose.
  • Bought well over $100 of used CDs at Twist & Shout and Black & Read on National Record Store Day and 4/20.
  • Third Saturday drumming at Spirit Ways. Talked to Doug.
  • Purchased (among other things) lotus root, frozen jack fruit, preserved duck eggs, bamboo shoots, a case of basil seed honey drink, and a tea set at Pacific Ocean Market Place in Broomfield.
  • Walked up to Green Mountain and then around the neighborhood on Earth Day.
  • Saw Kraftwerk at the Fillmore. Found a place to freeform dance near the end of the show.
  • Hung out with my brother who's going to Boston tomorrow and then moving to Ireland for a while.
  • Danced around to Medeski, Martin, and Wood at Balch Fieldhouse at CU. (Aside from the acoustics, the Fieldhouse is more enjoyable than the Fillmore).
  • Served osimanthus tea from Guilin and stir-fried eggplant/lotus root/bamboo/nuts in a sesame marinade over bean noodles to RPG guests.
  • Took players through the character creation process and ran a fight in a Goo's Noodles and Dim Sum, the first scene in a one-shot Feng Shui RPG story I created.
I'm pretty happy about the themes of gaming, drumming, and hiking, though I want to significantly increase the frequency of the latter. I haven't run an RPG in quite a while, but it went quite well. I spent enough time rereading key parts of the rulebook and thinking through characters that things went fairly smoothly. Hopefully everyone will be more comfortable with the system next time and a combat of mostly mooks doesn't take two hours.

Tern of Frays

Thursday, March 6th, 2008 07:58 pm
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I just exercised my LJ interest inventing obscure interests. I got rid of "gathering the magick," since I came up with that cleverness long ago. Instead, I am now the first LiveJournal user to be interested in lucid drumming.

I am also one of two users interested in (stone). The other, [livejournal.com profile] snowleopardito, has the following great line in his profile: "I am a Japanese man who lives in Tokyo. I work as a government." I'm all for government by the people, for the people, of the people...
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Rhythms of Nature - Sunday, October 7th - Denver Botanic Gardens
Adult admission to the Gardens will be $5.28, modeled after 5280's Denver Restaurant Week. The goal is to create a fun and inspirational day through the enjoyment of various cultures' music and other forms of entertainment. Musicians and dance groups will be spread throughout the Gardens, but they'll converge for the grand finale: an inspirational drumming circle comprised of all entertainers, as well as the general public, that will ultimately create one rhythmic sound. So bring a drum or drum substitute and take part in the inspirational rhythm of culture!
I think I need a drumming icon. Edit: Can Has.
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[livejournal.com profile] netgnomemom invited me to drum to accompany the Denver Women's Chorus concert last Saturday. After three rehearsals, I joined three other drummers for the encore, Siyahamba.

I've drummed several times before, but it's usually been at fire circles with ten or more other drummers. The fire circle context is very forgiving to inexperienced drummers: your drum's voice is fairly anonymous, you can drop in and out as you catch and lose the beat, and the rhythms tend to evolve dynamically with no goal more complicated than inspiring beautiful people dancing on their own. For this performance, each drum's voice was important, all the drums had to keep together, and the rhythm had to stick with the choral voice.

I played a simple beat sequence on hoop drum. I have more experience and comfort with that drum and know that if I tried to adorn my playing I'd lose track of the core. I think we did quite well; we received several compliments. I even gave my card to a choir member who said "It'd be fun to paint you." I first assumed she meant body paint, to which I was about to respond that I am deficient in paintable skin. I then realized she meant "sit for a painting," which is fun in a very different way.

On Tuesday, I made it to drumming at Full Moon Books for the first time. For a year now, I've gotten regular email announcements informing me that they host drumming every Tuesday at 7:30. I had an atrocious attendance record at bi-weekly Tuesday role playing sessions last year. On the other Tuesdays, I either lacked the time, presence of mind, or energy to pack drums in the car on Tuesday mornings. But in honor of Shadow Boxing Day and the fact that I'd already drummed in a performance, I decided it was time to just do it.

Apparently several other people picked this Tuesday to visit this drum circle for the first time or after a long lapse. The regulars said it was a great session and I got a chance to experiment with djembe positions and attempted to play along with Summertime on a flute.

I hereby set the intention of regularly attending drumming on Tuesdays. With practice I can be a good drummer. Now I just need a drum icon so I can report my progress.
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