Berber of Seville

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 10:24 pm
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The Berber of "Seville" is "ⵙⴻⵠⵉⵍ". Or, if you don't have a Tifinagh font,

It turns out I'm not the first person to think up the phrase Berber of Seville. Bombay Dub Orchestra has a groovy track of that name name.

Apologies to any Berber speakers if I've completely butchered my Neo-Tifinagh letter choices.
If you liked this pun, you might also enjoy The SHA of 'Iran'.
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In case you need to email me while doing a handstand: ᵷɹo.əuoʇƨɹoʌəɹʇ@əuoʇƨʇ
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... and justice for all.

☺ for the passage of Washington Referendum 71, supporting gay psuedomarriage.

☹ for the passage of Maine Question 1, vetoing gay marriage passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. I find it interesting that every measure on the ballot passed. ☹ for the secretary of state's website not having current results.
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Don't tell the fundies, but Unicode has characters for
26A3male homosexuality
26A5transgendered sexuality
26A6transgendered sexuality
26A7transgendered sexuality
26A8ferrous iron sulphate
26AFunmarried partnership

Khomut ๛

Monday, October 2nd, 2006 08:29 pm
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Messing around with a character pallate today, I discovered that Thai has a character which marks the end of a chapter or document: ๛ ("khomut," entity ๛, unicode U+0E5B). It's like a signature everybody gets to use. They also have ๚ ("angkhankhu," entity ๚, unicode U+0E5A), which marks the end of long sections. Combined with ะ ("sara a," entity ะ, unicode U+0E30) it marks the end of a verse like so: ๚ะ.

Even though you can usually tell where a section or document ends with page layout, I think khomut is absolutely gorgeous, and I would like to start ending all of my posts with it. Unfortunately, my web browser rather scrunches it up, so rather than looking like an @ with a long signature it looks like a G with a corkscrew in its nose. I hope my dear readers may enjoy the artistry in a good font.

Edit: I really like the diminishing tails in this image from

Edit: Apparently khomut should follow angkhankhu + sara a. Also, Thai doesn't space-separate words, but uses a space where Western languages would use a period or a comma.

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