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Salmon are apparently now on Yahoo Instant Messenger. And they're getting into creepy your mom joke territory:
voracioussalmon 11:24
I heard your mother has the AIDS, and I just wanted to give you my condolences. I didn't know I was infected.

Bad Physics Jokes

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 11:51 am
flwyd: (mathnet - to cogitate and to solve)
coworker: what time zone is our Jira server in?
me: EST
coworker: as long as I know that Lawrin is not submitting bugs in the future
me: She is, but you can fix them in the future too!
me: And while you're in the future, bring back some fresh maple syrup
coworker: I'm afraid I don't get that one
me: The server's in the future in Maine, so while you're fixing bugs in the future in Maine, you can get some New England maple syrup
coworker: oh...I thought it was a time joke
me: it's a space-time joke
coworker: what could be funnier!
me: a joke tying gangsters to the universal gravitation constant?
coworker: let me know when you come up with it
coworker: so far all you've got is a chuckle, but I'll withhold judgement
me: Notorious = B/I * G * Eminem / R^2 Kelley, the strangely attractive nerdcore compilation!

Interesting Hugs

Saturday, June 14th, 2008 02:19 am
flwyd: (I *kiss* linguists)
Trevor: I was thinking about getting some magical yarn to make a see-in-the-dark "Free Hugs" sweatshirt
Molly: I wouldn't give away free hugs.
Molly: I would give hugs with HIGH INTEREST RATES! ;D
Trevor: You usurious hugger you.
Trevor: Usurious major gives bear hugs with high interest
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