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I've posted my good photos from this summer to Picasa (or Google+ if you prefer that interface). Based on a conversation on a Google+ post a few weeks ago, I've adopted the following face-tagging policy:
Feel free to tag yourself in my photos. Please don't tag other people unless you know they're okay with it. If you see someone you recognize in a photo and don't know if they've seen it, send them a link.

2011 Winter and Spring
2011 Beltania
2011 Apogaea - Illuminate
2011 Dragonfest
2011 Burning Man
2011 Summer Misc
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Spinning LightsI've been rather busy this year, so I haven't devoted much time to maintaining my digital life. (Ironically, I've been working all year on a tool to help people manage their data in the cloud.) But since most folks spend the week around Thanksgiving looking after their offline affairs, I've had plenty of low-distraction time to upload photos. I also discovered a bunch of files sitting around on my hard drive which I didn't need, so I've got more space to fit more photos :-)

Bliss Dance at Burning ManSummer 2010 featuring, among others,
I gave Burning Man 2010 its own album.

Metaphoto with glass sphereI've taken a lot fewer photos this year than in years past. Maybe I've spent more time fully engaged in activity rather than trying to capture it. But a significant reason is that my SLR is pretty bulky to carry around all the time, especially now that a bicycle is my main mode of transport. So I bought a compact camera (a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS5 if you're curious) yesterday. The proximate motivation was wanting to take some pictures in New York City next week without carrying a camera bag everywhere I go. But the ultimate motivation is to have a camera on me at all times so I can restore my "Hey, this is a great sunset" tendencies.
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I'm back from a week at Dragonfest where, in no particular order, I
Was radio dispatch for a day and helped run the communications tent
Made sure everyone stayed safe on Saturday night
Cooked bacon in the nude
Co-led a Men and Women's Mysteries ritual
Pitched a tent on a bumpy slope
Bought a chain mail coif, fool-proof spoons, a shaker, two sarongs, and a djembe-playing Barbie
Danced naked around the fire
Ate jalapeño pancakes and Louisiana gumbo at the same meal
Flirted, visited, chatted, joked, and pondered
Acquired the nickname Rainbow Hippie Safety Jesus
Amused children and adults by hanging around camp naked, despite rain or darkness
Was complimented on my choice of kilt, sarong, skirt, lederhosen, and hats
Drove a golf cart for the first time
Took geotagged pictures of tents, fire pits, and portapotties
Quoted I Know You Rider:
Wish I was a headlight
On a northbound train
I'd shine my light
Through the cool Colorado rain
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Dragonfest was last week. I've been to several festivals and other large events in the last year, but Dragonfest is still my "home gathering." It's my speed, has the sorts of opportunities I like, and a surprising number of people know my name. The following summary is long and features some parts that are probably boring for folks who aren't attendees. But it's also got some personal triumphs and tribulations, so if you're into following my personal life, read on. If you just want to see pictures, they're here. I also just got stuff up for April through July. Brain dump, ho! )

Witch of Sand

Monday, August 13th, 2007 09:36 pm
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Singing and drumming 'round a fire on Tuesday night, [livejournal.com profile] clarsa tries to remember a song: "It's a maiden, mother, crone trio..."

The first thing that comes to my mind is a Subway "cold cut trio" sandwich. My wheels start turning, and finally they deliver: "You could make a maiden, mother, crone trio sandwich. Start wit turkey, roast beef, or other fresh deli meat. Add pastrami or pepperoni or other processed meat. Then finish with some potted meat like Spam or croned beef."
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