Saturday, February 18th, 2006

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If there is blood in your stool you may be experiencing a colon period.
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Small word variations can have a major effect on the sexiness of an utterance. Observe:

Oh yes daddy!Oh yes dad!
You're a hot momma!You're hot, mommy.

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Many holidays are associated with a color. Black and orange. Red and green. Valentine's Day is, of course, red. Red is traditionally associated with love. It's also associated with fast cars. It's also the color of blood.

We watched Sin City on Sunday night. I really enjoyed it. It's shot mostly in black and white, but with carefully placed red when things get bloody. This palette let the movie feel like a good old 1940s film noir with the visceral danger and gore of what might be called the Tarantino era.

The movie also brought to mind another great film with a 1940s connection. As I watched a story without innocence told in black, white and red I remembered the little girl's red rain coat in Schindler's List. And perhaps that's the most touching valentine of all.

Daily Words 2/14/6

Saturday, February 18th, 2006 11:07 pm
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I often think people make too big of a deal about holidays. If the essence of the holiday is important, the virtue should be practiced year round. Why wait until December to give someone a present? Why wait until October to get dressed up like a freak?

Sometimes the holiday comes at a bad time. When you're fighting a cold it's okay if you can't keep it up on Valentine's Day.
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Microsoft PowerPoint is a curious program chock full of features to make your presentation look absolutely ridiculous.
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As Edwin noted, Mataam Fez looks like it could be at Burning Man... except nobody was covered in fine dust, everyone arrived in a street-legal vehicle, and it was below zero.

One of the great things about eating at a really good restaurant is the ability to try something new and different. That was the best rabbit I've ever had. Of course, it didn't have any competition...

Since returning from Utah I've made pleasing Tamara my biggest priority in the two weeks leading to her birthday. I think I've done a pretty good job.
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