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Capitalists Without Bars

Among the many imbalances between labor and capital is what happens during detention.

If a laborer is in jail for a year, he loses a year's worth of wages. (Setting aside the other consequences of likely losing his job.)

If a capitalist is in jail for a year, still receives a year's worth of investment growth. He might even be able to change his investment mix if he's able to get a message to his agents.

And a corporate person can't be arrested at all.
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Good points.
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Oooh, excellently observed.
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[personal profile] randomdreams 2017-06-08 05:26 am (UTC)(link)
I've been advocating for a while for corporate prison: when convicted of a felony, the corporation must cease all business activities for the amount of time of the sentence.
(It would be devastating to employees, I grant you, but I hope that would be a short-term issue until everyone got that it did actually happen, and would act to circumvent the simple calculus of we-will-make-more-by-doing-this-and-paying-the-fine.)
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It's almost like capitalism is bad for people.