Saturday, March 11th, 2006

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I wrote the following comment on a Slashdot question about moving cross country. Nobody moderated my comment, but I think it was clever:

You should choose a transfer protocol which is reliable, though it need not be ordered. If you select a connectionless transfer protocol you should make sure you have a good error detection and recovery plan in place.

The RTT will be high, but that's acceptable. The Interstates have high bandwidth, but U.S. highways often have fewer collisions and hops with nicer food. Make sure you set your TTL high -- frequent hops make collisions less likely.

I suggest using physical private key protection for your content. Every standard implementation at the automobile layer supports this.

Consider generating a checksum for each delivery unit. That way you will be able to tell at a glance if any packets or boxes are dropped en route.
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I think it's a good sign that I worked 100 fewer hours in February than I did in January. This time I averaged 10 hours per day in the work week rather than 10 hours for every day in the month.

Still need to spend more time outside.
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