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I haven't read the Brothers K, but I suspect The Which Karamazov Brother r u? Test is a brilliant work of satire.
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Rumsfeld: So long suckers!  Have fun cleaning up the mess!  Hussein: My thoughts exactly.

Created by Trevor Stone with MacGIMP. All rights waved; attribution appreciated.
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I am often most productive at work late on a Friday night, because no one is around to bother me. There's also something about Friday night which brings out the bouts of creativity in me. Witness the email I just sent to our development team, informing them that I had created a branch for version 1.7.1, which I will install next week in Washington County, Utah.

And the Lord saw that the first Utah install cometh, and the Lord spake saying "Let there be a branch." And there was. And it was called Release_1_7_1. And it was good. And the Lord sayeth "Be unlike fruit and do not attract bugs." And yea, the developers came unto the branch and said "Lo! Bugs crawl on this branch!" And the Lord sayeth unto the developers "Go you and be like woodpeckers. For idle fingers are gamers' tools, and I have made much work for you." And the developers slew many bugs. And the Lord saw that their work was good, and after two months the Lord created another branch, and it was called Release_1_7_2. And it was better.

And the analysts came unto the branch and said "Lo! Though this branch still grows, we shall share its glory!" And on the eleventh the users of St. George saw an eagle flying with a branch clasped in its talons. And the people received the branch and it was good.

In the beginning was the Character, and the Character was with the program, and the Character was the program. All things were programmed by them, and without them was not any thing programmed that was programmed. In them was code, and the code was the job of users. And the Character displayeth on the screen; and the users comprehended it not.

There was sent a language from Sun, whose name was Java. The same came for a tool, to implement the GUI, that all users through it might understand. It was not the GUI, but was sent to build the GUI. That was the true GUI, which illuminated every user that cometh unto the computer. It was on the screen, and the screen was made by it, and the screen knew it not. It came unto its own legacy products, and its own legacy products received it not. But as many received it, to them it gave power to become the users of software, even to them that believe in its code: which was born, not of blood, nor of the ink of the pen, nor of the sweat of man, but of Eclipse.

And the Character was made GUI, and dwelt among St. George, and they beheld its glory, the glory as of only begotten of Tyler, full of features and data.
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