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Some phrases I came up with tonight in pirate garb:
TEDx marks the spot
What kind of pirate drinks absinthe? An arrrrtist.
Did you hear about the pirate investment? It's doubloon value every year!
This place is more popular than a dyke bar on ladies night.
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Today's [livejournal.com profile] catandgirl: Impressions
Cat and Girl: Impressions

<HomerSimpson> It's true! It's true! We're so lame!


Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 08:42 am
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Happy International Talk Like a Landlubber Day! Be a lubber, not a fighter.
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Ahoy mateys! I be here to whip you land lubbin' code monkeys into shape. As soon as we find a worthy vesel from Sea Vee Ess, we'll set out upon the C. Our goal be to plunder booty from the island of Java which is far superior to the sharp C. We'll store our booty in the Sea Quell Server in our home base. If we be getin' lost, we'll ask directions on Aye Arrr Sea. We'll cast an Object as a Net and catch some Illegal Arrrrrgument Exceptions. All production booty must be bug-free. We gotta keep down the scurvy from our customer base. If any oppose us, we'll execute ot terminate! Yar.

It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day and I expect all ye scallywags to comply or ye'll be keelhauled and sent to Davey Jones's Source Repository. Arrrrrrr!

[Aye. I be talkin' like a pirate and wearin' an aye patch, shark hat, poets' shirt, and plastic cutlas at work. I love this place.]

[In a meeting this morning, the project manager (who lives in rural Kansas) asked why I was talking like a pirate. I mentioned the holiday and she said "Oh yeah... I heard about that... in church." I guess it's mainstream now!]

[Apparently LiveJournalers are talkin' like pirates too. I'm about to click on "Update Captain's Log." Look closely at the icon for [livejournal.com profile] flwyd. And Frank's getting in the spirit.]

[This entry shall be updated throughout the day as I think of clever pie rat phrases.]
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