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For all passport questions or if you have an appointment please the blonde lady at the front counter (at the far right)

Sign on a door in the US Post Office for ZIP code 80228 (office is in the Federal Center).
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I'm working on some code to integrate our Java system with a 3rd-party COM object. (Yeah, lots of fun.) The COM object is designed to be used in a very procedural style: all methods return a boolean indicating success and provide values using pass-by-reference. If the method fails, you can call the GetLastError method to see what went wrong. The documentation for that method:


Retrieves the last error generated by the engine.


bReturnValue = CalcEngine.GetLastError(ErrorMsg)


bReturnValue Boolean/Integer: Returned as TRUE (integer = -1) when the operation is successful, and FALSE (integer = 0) when the operation fails. You can get the last error generated by invoking the GetLastError method.
What happens when you call GetLastError when GetLastError returns false is left as an exercise to the imagination.
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