Date: 2017-05-25 06:39 am (UTC)
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I mostly liked his moral foundations paradigm, but he didn't seem to understand what he was looking at among WEIRDs. He observed that they (we) didn't endorse two/three of the foundations as legitimate moral bases, but he concluded that was because that population lacks appreciation of them. The idea that there could be a culture in the world that explicitly teaches, "Yes, you may feel that way, but those are illegitimate bases for morality", and adopted, as a principled position, the rejection of those foundations as a meta-moral, apparently never crossed his mind? He made the fundamental attribution error, and assumed that if a population didn't agree, it was because they had an essential lack of ability. In addition to being a logical fallacy, it also is eyebrow-raisingly ignorant of cultural history. We had something called the Enlightenment; I would have thought he'd heard of it.

He also seems to have missed some prominent examples of what he claims WEIRDs don't do among WEIRDs, the most mentioned across the internet is the quip that if he thinks liberals don't do purity as a moral foundation, he's never met a militant vegan.

He also seems to spend a lot of time explaining to liberals how they should take pains to understand conservatives; I've yet to see him exhorting conservatives to understand liberals. His not-as-even-as-it-first-appears assumption seems to be that, clearly, conservatives understand all five possible bases of morality so they understand liberals just fine, whereas liberals don't understand some of the five possible bases of morality, so they not only must not understand conservatives' concerns, they have some sort of responsibility to do so, which either conservatives don't share or which he feels conservatives have adequately acquitted already. This makes me substantially doubt his handling of his biases.

That said, I also share some of his exasperation with liberals' ignorances, so I do cut him some slack. I have a big post I'm cooking up about problems with liberals' moral reasoning, so I don't want to throw too many stones. I think he and I are both groping if not the same elephant, very similar ones.

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