Date: 2016-11-14 07:21 pm (UTC)
I would argue that the standard dietary advice given to Americans doesn't apply to anybody, because it's terrible advice. :)

I have also been eating plenty of bacon (but not ice cream) because I'm on a low-carb high-fat (ketogenic) diet, and I'm losing weight for the first time, like, ever. It runs counter to conventional nutritional dogma, but it seems to me that it matches up with your plan, and I'm curious to know how things look coming at it from the other side.

So, as I understand it, by default your body burns glucose derived from carbohydrates for energy, but if they're not readily available, it will happily switch over to burning ketones derived from fats. Now, it's sort of the case that "a calorie is a calorie" and that your body stores excess calories as bodyfat, but there's an added complication in how different foods modulate hunger. Carbohydrates tend to amplify it, while fats damp it down. So trying to restrict your calorie intake by avoiding fat is self-sabotaging, because you end up feeling hungry all the time, and those hunger signals also lead to your body deciding it's in starvation mode and needs to store everything it can. Whereas if you avoid carbs, not only are you less hungry, you also bring all the fat-metabolizing systems online.

So going by that model, in your situation, you would want to make sure you've got plenty of both carbs and fats available in your system, and that sugars are good because they'll help signal your body to hold onto all the extra. Probably you want a mix of simple and complex carbs, so that you're not sugar-crashing all the time, but keeping it balanced with fats and proteins will help smooth things out, too. So yeah, non-dairy ice cream and bacon. And maybe some raw carrots and squash soups.

How well does that explanation fit with the recommendations from your dietitian?
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