Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Bad Physics Jokes

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 11:51 am
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coworker: what time zone is our Jira server in?
me: EST
coworker: as long as I know that Lawrin is not submitting bugs in the future
me: She is, but you can fix them in the future too!
me: And while you're in the future, bring back some fresh maple syrup
coworker: I'm afraid I don't get that one
me: The server's in the future in Maine, so while you're fixing bugs in the future in Maine, you can get some New England maple syrup
coworker: oh...I thought it was a time joke
me: it's a space-time joke
coworker: what could be funnier!
me: a joke tying gangsters to the universal gravitation constant?
coworker: let me know when you come up with it
coworker: so far all you've got is a chuckle, but I'll withhold judgement
me: Notorious = B/I * G * Eminem / R^2 Kelley, the strangely attractive nerdcore compilation!

2008 In Photos

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 05:34 pm
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The Boston Globe's year in photographs part 1, part 2, and part 3. This looks only slightly crazier than when I was there a week before. "A Guangzhou train station" was the ultimate measure of displeasure on our trip. From time to time, whether doing something awesome or just relaxing, we'd say "This is SOOO much better than a Guangzhou train station!"

I think half of being a good photographer is standing in the right place.
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I just wrote the following summary of world elections, non-democratic changes in government, and other events relevant to changing who's in charge on this Boing Boing thread. The past 18 months have had some crazy political events. The list below only goes back a year, so it misses Burmese monk-led pro-democracy protests, the sack of Pakistan's judicial system, Venezuela's rejection of term extensions for President Chavez, and the Belgian situation I don't understand. But that was just lead up to a remarkable year of world politics that started with ethnic riots in Kenya and end with the son of a Kenyan preparing to take over the most powerful country in the world.

I'm sure there have been regime change events I didn't notice or don't remember. Such events were probably fairly quiet or happened while I was away from the radio for an extended period of time. Let me know if I've left anybody out.

In a combination of laziness and impatience, I haven't linked any of these to further details. If you're curious about any of them, visit the country's Wikipedia page and look for the words "election" or "2008."

2008: 12 months, 23 countries, a few hundred million voters )
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Even the one-dimensional can be well-rounded if they twist into a möbius strip.

Something about not getting enough sleep due to high winds last night made me want to blog today. I even got two (boring) visits from random Coho bots. I wish I had better access to my config file, even if it was read only.
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