Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Fat Days

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 09:49 am
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I think each day of the week should be Fat at a different time of the year.

Fat Tuesday is a time of partying before the 40-day Lent celebration leading to Easter.

Fat Wednesday is 40 days before Labor Day. It's designated as the time to have a meeting and figure out who can drive to Burning Man and what it's going to take to build a dome for your theme camp.

Fat Thursday is Thanksgiving.

Other suggestions?
I had a phatabulous Tuesday night with [ profile] mollybzz at the Fox Theater watching The Folderol Follies and Ukulele Loki's Gadabout Orchestra, a burlesque acrobatic show with old-time music. I started dancing to the ambient pre-show music and by the time the opening band was in full swing there were about 20 people on the floor performing various spontaneous and slightly ironic dance moves. The crowd dancing mostly stopped for the main act to feast our eyes on Victorian stripteases, aerial dance in lace and powder, and a glass-walking midget. There may be a non-fuzzy picture or two out of the hundred I snapped.

After the show, Loki invited me to next month's meeting of the HUMBUGS facial hair society. Definitely the best $8 concert I've ever attended.

Phish and Chips

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 07:02 pm
flwyd: (spam lite)
Blogging randomly generated spam is passe, but this hand crafted spam is enjoyable.

Headers )Good day,

This is an email from Rac Plc in United Kingdom; also know as Great Britain,
We would like to know if you would be interested to work for us, as a
part-time job, which would not disturb your current job or your current

We have our company here in United Kingdom and we deal on Car Buying, Car
care, Insurance, Training on how to drive, Loans and leasing, Motorcycle
services and so many more, we have few client from the USA/CANADA,
California, Florida, New York, Ontario, Quebec and so many other states in
the USA/CANADA, but we have been having problems with most of our clients
from USA/CANADA, because some would prefer to pay by Cashiers Check or
Money Orders, which we can not cash here, but it is easy to cash over in
the USA/CANADA, so we are looking forward to get representatives around the
USA/CANADA that can be working for us as a part-time job, which we are
willing to pay 10% of every money you receive from our clients, so you
would just need to help us get the payment and get it cashed directly from
your bank and send the money to us down here in United Kingdom or to any of
our local offices worldwide via Money Gram outlet or western union.Read more... )
Let's play "What's wrong with this picture?"
  • The domain is legit, and some details (like the company number) match the whois registry. But what company has held their own domain since before 1996, but receives email at And what British company would send mail from a *.pl (Poland) address?
  • Business with this company includes buying cars, auto insurance, and learning to drive. We can deduce from the email that they supposedly lack a U.S. branch. How much business can they do selling cars to people on the other side of an ocean? Who would learn how to drive remotely... from a teacher who drives on the other side of the road? And if they have to process cashier's checks through random guys they meet on the Internet, how painful do you think it would be to get reimbursed for an insurance claim?
  • Why would they require "details of where you work and your position in your work place" if this is a "part-time job, which would not disturb your current job or your current position?"
  • Official correspondence from British companies typically goes through people who spent many years in British schools getting into fights learning the rules of the English language. The sentence "Send to us: 1800.00USD and you pay the cost of sending from the $1800.00 or from the money left with you after deducting your income" doesn't sound like any of the Brits I know. The Brits I know also don't use paragraph-long run-on sentences.

On the plus side, they realize that "the cost of coming to the States to get the payment and go to cash it our self, will be lot more stressful." A transatlantic flight to pick up a cashier's check at a PO Box, exchange it for currency, and then fly back (with airport money exchange rates no less) would be quite stressful. The plane tickets would probably take a big bite out of the $2000.00USD transaction.

In summary, if someone in Poland ever sends you an email on behalf of a British company and asks you to send a cashier's check to a random dude in USA/CANADA or, if you prefer, "Money Gram or western union," I suggest you reconsider your provider for leased cars and motorcycle services.

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